More than 50 years of activity, which began in the field of metal construction and ventilation piping, have strongly and incisively marked the history of our company.

An all-Italian story made up of small and great successes, which have allowed Tubosystem to fully achieve a leading role in the production of ducts and components for aeraulic systems, prestressing liners and lightening pipes.

Always attentive to market developments, optimising the relationship between supply and demand, Tubosystem has made substantial investments in human resources and technological research over the years, with the belief in proposing increasingly advanced products in terms of quality.

Today, the company uses a high production and quality control system to guarantee a unique product on the market.

These peculiarities, together with the ability to offer important technical and informative support, have determined Tubosystem’s success, allowing it to achieve a leadership status in Italy and abroad.

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