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Oval fittings and spiraled ducts

Finally available at competitive costs and quickly, the oval canals are a valid alternative to the construction of circular and rectangular section aeraulic networks in the civil sector, in the service sector and in industry. Their use is recommended when the need to have limited spaces for their installation is prevalent and when exposed installation with a better aesthetic performance is required.


  • Compared to rectangular nets, the main advantages can be summarized in:
  • Lower pressure drops, consequently possibility of reduced sizing with the same flow rate
  • Greater lightness
  • Easy installation thanks to the male / female system similar to the circular SPIRO channels
  • Simplified maintenance
  • Better hold
  • Greater mechanical resistance thanks to the helical seaming of the SPIRO tube

The channels are obtained by crushing and subsequent stretching of a circular SPIRO channel by means of a special “OVAL FORMER” machine, to obtain the available LxH dimensions (see table)

In galvanized sheet metal conforming to EN 10346.


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